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Greece is a welcoming Mediterranean country. Its fantastic snow-white cities, with narrow streets buried in flowers, are brimming with hotels to suit all tastes. Welcome to the cradle of Western civilization if you want to see everything at once during your wonderful vacation!

Vacations in Greece are usually associated with the islands that dot the four seas. Each island has its unique charm and rich history, both ancient and Orthodox. They allow you to feel the fresh scent of the azure sea, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of complete merging with nature in the mountains, swim under the bright southern sun, and forget about the daily hustle and bustle.

Going to Greece only to visit the attractions at a breakneck pace or, conversely, lazily wallow on the beach is a big mistake. Food and wine, sea and midday heat, mountains, silence, antiquity, discos, fun till morning, and, of course, communication with the locals – enjoy everything in this beautiful country!

"In many ways, we are all sons and daughters of ancient Greece." – Nia Vardalos, a Greek Canadian actress.

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Ready to make your visit to Athens more comfortable and your vacation in Greece more relaxing? Listed below are links to help you plan a great trip to this Southern European country. Καλό ταξίδι!

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