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Thanks to well-preserved castles, magnificent museums, and lovely old towns, Latvia has an enthralling past. Most fortresses, built in the 13th-century by Germans, are still standing today. Despite its small size, Latvia is surprisingly rich in places to explore and enjoy.

Latvia lies in Northern Europe between Lithuania and Estonia, touching the Baltic Sea in the west. The country is inexpensive, safe, and has a beautiful terrain with broad beaches and deep, sprawling forests.

The country is a haven for internet users. It offers one of the world's fastest internet connections, and there are over 800 free Wifi hotspots in Riga, the capital.

"Although populated, cultivated, ruined, and transformed, the basic scenery of Latvia is considerably more ancient than we are, whichever generation we belong to, and in all likelihood, it must have influenced us much more deeply than the other way round." – Paul Bankovskis, a Latvian write.

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Ready to make your visit to Riga more comfortable and your vacation in Latvia more relaxing? Listed below are useful links to help you plan a great trip to this Northern European country. Lai jauks ceļojums!

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