Useful Links for Visiting Poland

Useful Links for Visiting Poland

Each day of travel in Poland brings fresh discoveries and reveals picturesque spots one did not know about: charming timber churches, decorated town-hall facades, karst caves, manor houses, medieval abbeys, palaces surrounded by landscaped parks, and beautiful waterfalls.

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First Krakow and then Warsaw were for centuries the two capitals of Poland which played a decisive role in Central and Eastern Europe. Krakow possesses the richest complex of historical monuments in Poland. Warsaw is a phoenix reborn from ashes then as, during the Nazi occupation, it lost over 80% of its buildings.

The diversity of the country's landscape is impressive – from Alpine-type mountains to depression, from Europe's largest swampland to sandy desert. There are about 9,300 lakes in Poland.

"They say Poland is the Mexico of Europe. I do not know what that means, but I like it." – Chris Pontius.

If you plan to travel to Poland, below is a list of useful links to help you organize a unique vacation in this Eastern European country. Miłej podróży!

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