Palvolgyi Cave, Budapest

Hungary cave

Palvolgyi Cave is a dripstone-rich cave in Budapest. Since the mid-20th century, it has been a highly protected natural preservation area. The cave is the longest in the Buda Hills and the third-longest in Hungary.

The Hungarian capital is not only known for its spas but also its caves. Moreover, Budapest is the world's only capital having natural voids in the ground right in the city's heart. 

There are more than 200 caves beneath the Buda Hills and along the Danube River's banks, but only three are available to the public, and one of them is Palvolgyi Cave. The 500 meters / 1640 feet of the route, altered to meet the highest standards, takes visitors to this cave's incredible rock formations, gleaming mineral crystals, and prehistoric shell prints.

The cave climate is pleasantly warm in winter and cools in summer because the temperature is about 11 ° Celsius / 52 ° Fahrenheit. There are hourly guided tours available all year. Annually nearly 40,000 people visit Palvolgyi Cave.

"Going into a cave might be like going inside one's own mind, crawling around in the pitch-black, nook-and-crannied labyrinth of the human psyche." – Barbara Hurd, an American fiction writer.

The cave offers a rich topic for researchers not only in the field of earth sciences. The bat population is also significant in the Buda Hills: an average of 100 to 120 specimens – mostly lesser horseshoe bats (rhinolophus hipposideros) – live here in the winter. 

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In the cave, you can see all types of stalactites known in Hungary. Most of them are still wet and growing. Their color is usually pale yellow, but orange, snow-white, and dark brown specimens also are visible. The bulk of these formations consists of stalactite runoff.

The cave ceiling and sidewalls are rich in beautifully striped stalactite flags and curved or branched helictites. Due to the loose, clayey substrate, well-developed standing stalactites and stalactite columns are rare.

A Bit of History

The cave walls are mainly composed of limestone, which is 40 million years old. Raised by tectonic forces, the mountains formed faults and cracks, along which hot thermal water coming out from the bottom and fresh sediments seeping from the surface mixed. This carbon dioxide-rich water dissolved the limestone in the fractures and made narrow galleries in the rock complex, and at the intersection of these spaces, created small and large halls.

Founded in 1904, Palvolgyi Cave in Budapest has been open to the public since 1919. The cave is currently hydrologically inactive.

Palvolgyi Cave in Pictures

Hungary caves

Budapest cave

Palvolgyi Cave

Palvolgyi Cave


Palvolgyi Cave

Palvolgyi Cave

Cave in Hungary

Hungary cave

Hungary caves

Cave stairs

How to Get to Palvolgyi Cave

There is no closest metro. From Kolosy Square in Újlak, a district in Buda (western part of Budapest), take bus 65 to Pál-völgyi cseppkőbarlang stop. 

Address: Szépvölgyi út 162, 1025 Budapest

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Visiting Palvolgyi Cave

Because the cave temperature is 11 degrees Celsius (52 degrees Fahrenheit), dress appropriately and carry hiking boots. Children under five years of age and persons shorter than 115 centimeters / 45 inches are not permitted to enter as the trail in some cave sections leads up steep stairs.

The tour lasts 60 minutes. Every hour, guided tours begin at 15 minutes past the hour.

Palvolgyi Cave Opening Hours

Tuesday to Sunday: 10 am–4 pm
The first tour begins at 10:15 am, and the last at 4:15 pm.
From December 23 to January 1, the cave is closed.

Palvolgyi Cave Tickets & Prices

Adults: 2 300 HUF
Seniors, children, students, and teachers: 1 800 HUF

Combined ticket (valid for Palvolgyi Cave and Szemlo Mountain Cave):
3 700 HUF/regular price; 2 900 HUF/discount price

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