Angola Travel Resources

Angola Travel Resources

One of Africa's last great travel mysteries is Angola, an area that is still underexplored and just beginning to realize its tourism potential. In this Central African country, you can enjoy works of ethnic art, historic fortresses, relax on beautiful ocean beaches, as well as admire spectacular deserts, picturesque rivers, and lush forests.

Angola is the world's second-largest Portuguese-speaking country after Brazil, with a total area of 1,246,700 square kilometers / 481,400 square miles and a demographic of around 31 million people.

The country is well-known for its ethnic dances and music, whether traditional (semba, rivet) or modern (kizomba, kuduro). Angolans dress traditionally for dancing which also necessitates the painting of both the body and the faces. Seeing some of these dances is a great way to learn about Angolan culture.

Angola's traditional arts mark birth, death, infancy to adulthood, harvest, and hunting seasons. The Thinker is one of the country's oldest and most well-known artifacts. The sculpture represents all Angolans by expressing their national culture.

Nature is another great reason to visit Angola. It has provided the land with a diverse range of scenery, including gorgeous beaches, hills, tropical woods, the Namibe desert, and waterfalls, among other natural treasures. The country experiences alternating wet and dry seasons, as does most of tropical Africa.

A majority of Angola's population is Roman Catholic, and about a quarter follows one of the Protestant churches established during colonial times, including Adventists, Baptists, Calvinists, Methodists, and Lutherans.

Since 1975, when Angola gained independence, the kwanza has been the country's official currency. It got its name from the Kwanza River.

Luanda is Angola's capital and largest city. Recently, it was ranked Africa's most expensive city for expatriates. The sophisticated culture of Luanda has earned it the nickname "Paris of Africa."

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