Trams in Tallinn: Photographs

Tallinn tramway

Tallinn is the only city in Estonia with a tram network. In its center, trams are the most convenient mode of public transportation. Passengers on the city's new tramcars have access to free WiFi. Many stops provide detailed route maps.

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Tallinn's first tram line, a horse tram, debuted in 1886, and the track length was 7 kilometers (4 miles) in 1902. In 1915, an expansion of the network took place, and steam-powered carriages replaced horse-drawn carriages. Electrification of the tramway began in 1931, and by 1940, the network had grown to 13 kilometers (8 miles). Tallinn's tram lines are now 39 kilometers (24 miles) long. Tatra trams (KT4 and KT6 with an enlarged intermediate low floor segment) and CAF Urbos AXL serve the tramway.

Trams are as unfamiliar to me as trolleybuses to many Western Europeans because I grew up in Lithuania, a country without tramways. Still, I enjoy seeing trams on Tallinn's streets. Visually appealing, they do not emit exhaust fumes, unlike cars and buses. Here are some of my tram photos from Tallinn, Estonia's capital.

Tallinn Trams in Photos

Tallinn street
Tatra KT4D (German model, 1987, Czechoslovakia) on Pärnu Mnt Street

Tallinn street
Tatra KT4D on Pärnu Mnt Street

Tallinn tramway
Tatra KT4D on Põhja Pst Street

Tallinn street
Tatra KT6TM (1986, Czechoslovakia) on Pärnu Mnt Street

Tallinn street
CAF Urbos AXL (2015, Spain) on Pärnu Mnt Street

Tallinn street
CAF Urbos AXL on Pärnu Mnt Street

Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport is only 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) from the city center, and tram 4 connects them in about 15 minutes.

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