12 Photos That Will Make You Wish You Were in Naples

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Welcome to Naples, the capital of Campania and one of Italy's most beautiful cities, located on the Tyrrhenian Sea's east coast in the southern Apennine Peninsula. Whatever your travel interests are, Naples has something for everyone, from those looking for authentic Neapolitan pizza to those interested in Pompeii and Vesuvius.

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Naples is one of my favorite cities not only in Italy but also in Europe. It is unique, sunny, and attractive. Several travel blogs claim that the city is unsafe for tourists to visit it. I don't think so, especially if a tourist isn't strolling the streets drunk and alone at night.

A trip to Naples would be incomplete without a free walking tour of its fascinating Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If popular tourist itineraries frustrate you more than intrigue, wander along the cobblestone streets without a plan because every turn will be a surprise. Enjoy the beauty of Naples through my twelve photos.

Naples in 12 Photographs

Old Naples
One of the streets in Naples' Historic Center

San Martino Monastery and Museum
The inner courtyard of the 17th century San Martino Monastery (now a museum)

Historic Centre of Naples
In the Historic Centre of Naples

Galleria Umberto I
Interior of Galleria Umberto I

Bernardino Cesari's 16th century frescoes
Bernardino Cesari's 16th century frescoes on the vaults of the chapter house of San Martino Monastery's main church

A typical Neapolitan house
Ground-floor entrance to a typical Neapolitan house in Naples' Historic Center

Castel Nuovo
The 15th-century Castel Nuovo

Neapolitan pizza Margherita
Authentic Neapolitan pizza

Naples panorama
View of Naples, with Centro Direzionale and Mount Vesuvius in the background

Neapolitan pastori
Neapolitan pastori (non-religious figures based on popular stereotypes; bakers in this case)

Homeless dog
In Naples, there are a lot of stray dogs

Spanish Quarter
A bustling street in the heart of the Spanish Quarter

Where to Stay in Naples

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Excellent Naples Tours

On the Spanish Quarter Tour, explore one of Naples' liveliest and most characterful neighborhoods, the Quartieri Spagnoli, with numerous churches, family-run dining establishments, typical Neapolitan "bassi" houses, and vibrant street art. If you want to wander around the ruins of Pompeii and see the Forum, Thermal Baths, Greek Theatre, and Lupanare, as well as walk to the crater of Vesuvius and take in panoramic views of the Bay of Naples, take the Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius Day Tour from Naples.

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Have you been to Naples? Are any of the spots in my photographs your favorites? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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