Which City has the Most Bridges in Europe?

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A bridge, whether for vehicles or pedestrians, connects two places, no matter how short the distance. While bridges are rarely thought of when planning a vacation, they can be architectural wonders where some of the world's most famous architects demonstrate their creative abilities. Many European cities have bridges, some of which are impressive and artistically designed. But which city has the most bridges in Europe? Venice? Amsterdam? Maybe Paris? Here is a list of Europe's top five bridge-rich cities.

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Top 5 European Cities with the Most Bridges

5. Venice

Many believe Venice has the most bridges in Europe, but that is not true. In this attractive Italian city, approximately 400 bridges connect small islands separated by canals, much more than in Paris (37) or London (35). Only four European cities are bridge-richer than Venice. In the "Floating City," the Grand Canal has only four bridges; one of them is the city's most famous: the 16th-century stone arch bridge, Ponte di Rialto.

4. Berlin

In Berlin, there are over 960 bridges. It's important to note that the statistics include pedestrian, railroad, and highway bridges. Bridges in the German capital are usually not very long; some pedestrian bridges crossing narrow streams are only two meters (six feet) long. The girder Rudolf Wissell Bridge on the city motorway in Charlottenburg, built in 1961, is noteworthy: it is Berlin's longest bridge, stretching over 930 meters (3050 ft). The Jungfernbrücke, built in 1798, is the city's oldest bridge.

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3. Amsterdam

The labyrinth of 165 canals in Amsterdam makes it no wonder that the city has so many bridges: over 1,280 have fascinating stories to tell. Locals consider the Magere Brug bridge across the Amstel River the most romantic bridge. There is a unique bridge in the Dutch capital from which you can see 14 other bridges, or 15 if you include the one on which you are standing. It crosses the Reguliersgracht on the corner of Herengracht.

2. Vienna

The rivers Danube and Wien shape Vienna's waterways, which explains the high proportion of bridges. The Austrian capital has over 1,700 bridges, four times the number of Venice. The Konstantinsteg, a small bridge that opened in 1873, is the oldest in Vienna. The pedestrian Zollamtssteg spans the Wien River and is unique; built-in 1900, the arch bridge also crosses a historic railway truss bridge.

1. Hamburg

Hamburg, the second-largest city in Germany and the seventh-largest city in the European Union, is sometimes referred to as "Venice of the North" because of its numerous bridges and canals. Hamburg has the most bridges in Europe, with 2,500 in total. The cable-stayed Köhlbrand Bridge is Hamburg's most well-known bridge. It is about 3.6 km (2.2 mi) long; ranked as Europe's most beautiful bridge for many years after opening in 1974. Hamburg also has Germany's longest bridge: the elevated road Elbmarsch, almost 4.3 km (2.6 mi) long.

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What is the Oldest Bridge in Europe?

The Arkadiko Bridge in Greece, dating back to the Bronze Age, is Europe's oldest preserved bridge. 1300 BC saw the construction of this 22-meter-long (72-foot-long) corbelled stone single-arch bridge, which locals still use.

What is the Most Famous Bridge in Europe?

Tower Bridge, a road bascule bridge spanning the River Thames in England and the United Kingdom's capital and named after the nearby Tower of London, is undoubtedly Europe's most famous bridge. 1894 saw its opening; it has a Neo-Gothic style.

Which is the Tallest Bridge in Europe?

The Millau Viaduct in southern France carries the A75 motorway over the Tarn River. With a maximum pillar height of 343 m (1125 ft), it is the tallest structure in France and the tallest bridge in Europe. Moreover, the viaduct is the world's longest cable-stayed bridge at 2.46 km (1.5 mi).

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