Exploring La Alcudia: What To See and Do

46250 L'Alcúdia, Valencia, Spain

La Alcudia is a town in the autonomous Valencian Community of Spain. It began in the 13th century as a small rural community of houses built by a few families to exploit the surrounding land. Located on the left bank of the Júcar River, La Alcudia extends southwest to the foothills of the Sierra de Tous.

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In contrast to other Valencian cities, La Alcudia does not celebrate the Falles (a celebration honoring Saint Joseph) or the Moros y Cristianos (a festival commemorating Christians' victory over the Moors). In town, the most famous festivals are the Honoring the Our Lady of Loreto, held from September 1 to 8, and Holy Week. Sunday traditions include eating "rosca amb all" (toasted bread with garlic and oil), which is why residents are called "roscans."

While on vacation in Carlet for a week, I visited nearby La Alcudia (L'Alcúdia in Valencian) and spent an entire day in town. The distance between these two municipalities is only 2 kilometers (2.24 miles), so I happily walked it. Long walks are one of my favorite pastimes, especially in the Spanish countryside, where the cicadas chirp, the sun shines, and the scenery is breathtaking. I enjoyed wandering around La Alcudia and taking in the Valencian atmosphere. My short guide to the best experiences in La Alcudia will help you plan your stay in this town.

The 5 Best Things to See and Do in La Alcudia

1. Learn About the Town's History

Archeology La Alcudia

Due to the creation of pedestrian streets, ruins built from large boulders of river stone along with remains of ceramics, primarily pottery (bowls, plates, and jugs), some with impressive decorations, were discovered in La Alcudia. They are kept in a display case in a cozy tiny square and tell about the town's history.

Address: Plaça País Valencià, 46250 L'Alcúdia

2. Marvel at St. Andrew's Church

La Alcudia

St. Andrew's Church is one of the best and most representative examples of 18th-century Valencian Baroque and Classicism styles. In this building, you can see how Classicism blends beautifully in its floor plans, elevations, and façade and how Baroque features harmoniously in its decorative details. The façade has two sections of architectural orders that originated in Greece: Corinthian in the first and Doric in the second.

Address: Carrer l'Església, 5, 46250 L'Alcúdia

Official website: Parroquia San Andrés Apóstol

3. Stroll Through the Town's Streets and Squares

La Alcudia

Even though the town is small, wandering through it will delight and surprise you. There are numerous iconic spots to experience in La Alcudia, from cozy squares with beautiful trees to old alleys and shopping streets. Don't forget to pay attention to the details: stylish doors, windows, and attractive signs on houses with street names. La Alcudia offers an unforgettable Valencian country atmosphere.

4. See the Convent of Sant Pere d’Alcàntara

La Alcudia

The Franciscan monastery complex, where friars lived under the rule of Sant Pere d'Alcàntara, stood in the present-day Tirant lo Blanc square from 1743 to 1835. Only the ruins of the monastery church, which had a Latin cross plan and a nave with three side chapels, remain today. The City Council is currently restoring the monument, giving it new life.

Address: Carrer l'Església, 5, 46250 L'Alcúdia

5. Unwind in Madera Park

Red flower

There are a few parks in the town. Parque de Madera, close to the Convent of Sant Pere d’Alcàntar, is my favorite. It is shady and very cozy, with a fountain and many benches to sit on, read, or surf the internet because there is a Wi-Fi zone. Its beautiful trees provide a haven for birds that sing all day. The park is also a playground with swings for children.

Address: Plaça de la Diputació, 3, 46250 L'Alcúdia

How to Get to La Alcudia

The town is 35 km (22 mi) southwest of Valencia. To neighboring municipalities: Carlet is 2 km (1.24 mi) northwest, and Alzira is 8 km (5 mi) southeast.

Metro (line 1): Pl. Espanya (Valencia)–L'Alcúdia

Where to Stay in La Alcudia

Unsure of where to stay in La Alcudia? For my trips, I use Booking.com, a well-designed website that helps me find everything from small B&Bs to large hotel chains, vacation rentals, and homestays.

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