Touching with my finger the nose of the statue of Hans Christian Andersen, my favorite Danish writer, in Malaga

Hi, I'm Arūnas. Welcome to Wandering With The Sun!

I'm originally from Lithuania, a Baltic state in Northern Europe. Over the past five years, I've lived as a digital nomad in different European countries.

In the 20th century, while Western Europeans were living a joyful, independent life, my country was under the occupation of Soviet Russia for nearly 50 years. But sooner or later, the light overcomes the darkness. Lithuania was the first of the 15 Soviet republics to leave the red fantasy world of Moscow in 1990; moreover, after 25 years, the country, together with nearby Latvia and Estonia, successfully reintegrated into the developed​ Western world. Lithuania is now a member of the European Union, the Eurozone, the Schengen Agreement, and NATO. According to the Henley Passport Index, the Lithuanian passport holds 10th place; I have visa-free access to 182 countries, including the United States – great!

My life philosophy

As a dreamer, wanderer, and minimalist, I'd never settle for an ordinary life. I travel to make the most of my time on earth, to make every day meaningful rather than counting down the days until the weekend or next vacation – because life is too short for me to live it any other way. I love freedom: to live on my own terms, take control of my destiny, and give myself the greatest of all luxuries – Time. If today were the 1960s, I'd definitely be a hippie. Sadly, hippie culture has disappeared from modern materialistic society, where people value things more than each other.

In Europe, I like to travel slowly, admiring nature and architecture, immersing myself in local culture, seeking new and unique experiences, and having the luxury of time. I enjoy learning, laughing, loving, dreaming, and roaming freely.


My blog contains numerous posts about church structures. However, I'm not a religious person. For me, religion is a fantasy, a fairy tale, a thought playground; every living being is part of nature; we came from nothing and will return to nothing. Despite this, as an architecture and history enthusiast, I enjoy visiting religious buildings in Europe; they are a significant part of any country's culture.


Friendliness is what I value most in a person. This quality doesn't connect with a specific race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. Also, I don't think religious people are better than non-believers; I met some very religious people who talked endlessly about their gods but were unfriendly and unkind.

English Language

If you've read my posts, you know I'm not a native English speaker. After Russian and Polish, English is the third foreign language I know. Although British English, especially in London, sounds beautiful to my ear, when writing, I use American English (traveler, not traveller; colors, not colours, etc.) as it is more straightforward for learners like me.

My native language, Lithuanian, is the most archaic Indo-European language still spoken and, probably, the oldest in Europe, similar only to Latvian and Sanscrit. For example, we, Lithuanians, say "tu esi parke" (in Latvian: "tu esi parkā"), literally "you are in park" (not in the park, at the park, in a park, or at a park).


Year after year, supermarkets stock an increasing number of food products wrapped in attractive packaging but containing hydrogenated palm oil, preservatives, and synthetic ingredients for one simple reason: people don't care.

Our diet has a significant impact on our health. Hippocrates already knew this, saying, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." I eat natural and healthy food: vegetables, fruits, yogurt, fermented milk, protein buckwheat, millet, oat porridge, olive oil, honey, and nuts. Despite not eating meat for half my life, I'm not a vegetarian since fish and sea products are often on my plate. I'm skeptical about using palm oil, white sugar, spirit vinegar, and carbonated soft drinks.

Which European country is my favorite?

Even though I really like Italy, I prefer Spain.

What were my most memorable travel experiences?

Here are five of my most interesting and exciting experiences:

  1. Living in a cave for six months on the Spanish island of Tenerife
  2. Month-long trek in Andalusia
  3. A two-month pilgrimage on the Portuguese Camino de Santiago
  4. Hiking Mount Vesuvius
  5. Exploring Paris Catacombs

What is my biggest dream?

I want to cruise around the world. I know it is crazy since I'm not rich, but who knows, as life is unpredictable.

About my blog

I prefer hot, dry weather and enjoy walking in the sun. I even dream of living in Southern Europe and have an idea of moving there someday. For me, the sun is a source of optimism, positivity, and soul joy, so Wandering With The Sun has a symbolic meaning.

Many bloggers accept payments from restaurants, hotels, and other facilities to include these businesses on their social networking sites or in posts such as "the best ten places for whatever in Paris." However, some blogs do not disclose this circumstance clearly and thus mislead their readers by sending them to unworthy places.

Taste is always subjective. People are different. In this blog, you'll find places that I enjoy. I don't take any money or benefits from any of them: zoos, churches, museums, etc. As a participant in Amazon's, Booking's, GetYourGuide's, and Viator's affiliate programs, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you buy something from them that I recommend in my posts.

Me and social media

I don't have any social media accounts and never will. Social networking sites are not my cup of tea, and honestly, some individuals still surprise me by referring to beautiful places as "instagrammable." People did not have social networks when I was a kid, and they were, in my opinion, much more relaxed than they are now. I don't need hundreds or thousands of "friends" on the internet. I enjoy having real-life relationships.


I used to subscribe to travel blogs, but when I began receiving numerous email notifications of new posts from them every day, it started to annoy me. Thus, I stopped using that practice. If you find my blog interesting, simply bookmark it in your browser and open it when you have free time and wish. Be the boss in your own life!

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